Top Loading Washing Machine

There are so many washing machines available to day in the market all with different features, capacities, loading directions, colour etc. and it has becomes really hard to make a buying decision. Top loading washing machines can be semi automatic or fully automatic. Top loading washing machines can be found in most of the Indian households as almost all older washing machines were top loading washing machines. Front loading washing machines are introduced in around 2000s and have been gaining popularity even since. Top loading washing machine is generally comes in lower cost as compared to front loading washing machines. Top loaders often have larger capacities, with the largest commercial models being up to several KGs. Top loading washing machine are more efficient when used with cold water. With the top loading washing machine, you can start or stop anytime during the cycle. Browse through our handpicked listing of best top loading washing machines in India 2018. Find reviews, specifications and compare price from top selling websites in India. Our listing contains the top loading washing machines from top brands like Whirlpool, IFB, LG, Panasonic, Haier etc.

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