Semi Automatic Washing Machine

There are plenty of option if you are planing to buy the washing machine in India. There are mainly two types of washing machine in India. Semi automatic washing machine & fully automatic washing machine. These washing machines may further be classified in to two types that is “Top Loading Washing Machine” & “Front Loading Washing Machine” based clothes loading directions. As opposed to the fully automatic, Semi Automatic Washing Machines requires some manual work. There are generally two sections in the semi automatic washing machine that is washer & dryer. After washing, clothes are manually transferred in the dryer section. This is still the most favourable washing machine among Indian households. Semi Automatic washing machines generally have fibre bodies which makes them last long as the fibres are rust free. They are also comes at lower cost as compares to fully automatic. They are water efficient as it consumes less water than fully automatic. So if you live in dry region, it may be the best choice for you. Semi automatic washing machines may be started or stopped any times during the washing cycle. If you are planning to buy the semi automatic washing machine, browse through our long list of hand picked washing machines. You can see the complete specifications, reviews and compare the price from major shopping websites in India. These listing contains the semi automatic washing machines from top brands like Whirlpool, Haier, Hitachi, Bosch & more.

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