Hindware Coolers

Hindware is an Indian multinational organisation that is driven by development and is a main name in the assembling and offering of inside arrangements items. It has an extensive variety of items among which Hindware air coolers are well known among buyers amid the mid year season. They are of high calibre and come in the scope of 18 Litre to 85 Litre limit with control utilisation running from 150 watts to 200 watts. The air coolers are made of tough material, and subsequently they keep going long without corrosion. Hindware coolers are known to be trendsetters & comes in various catchy designs that goes very well with your home interiors. Hindware coolers have many models like Snowcrest air coolers which comes with changeable colour panels. Their designers & tall look comes with many trendy features like remote controlled operations, power packed performance, anti-slip top covers, lets & right auto swings & have wheels for easy movement. To add more to this list, Hindware coolers comes with more awesome features like water level indicator, overflow indicator, water level indicator etc which makes them the perfect solution for scorching summer seasons in the Indian market.

Hindware Coolers Price List Table.

Product NameProduct Price
Hindware CP-172401HPP Personal Air Cooler – 24 Litres price₹ 6,649
Hindware CD-168501HLA Desert Air Cooler – 85 Litres price₹ 9,549
Hindware CP-172402HPP Personal Air Cooler – 24 Litres price₹ 7,749
Hindware CP-161901HLA Personal Air Cooler – 19 Litres price₹ 5,399
Hindware CS-178001HPP Desert Air Cooler – 80 Litres price₹ 11,349
Hindware CD-165001WBR Desert Air Cooler, 50 Litres price₹ 7,990
Hindware CP-173602HPP Personal Air Cooler 36 Litres price₹ 8,199
Hindware Snowcrest Cube Personal Air Cooler 12 Ltr price₹ 3,899
Hindware CS-176001HPP Desert Air Cooler price₹ 10,399
Hindware Snowcrest 19 HO Personal Air Cooler price₹ 5,059
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