Front Loading Washing Machine

Front loading washing machine is a type of washing machine where in the clothes can be loaded from front side. This is one of the type among all types of washing machines available in the market today. Other types are Top Loading, Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic. Front loading washing machine can be fully automatic or semi automatic. Front loading washing machines were introduced in early 2000s & is now the popular choice among the washing machine buyers in India. Front loading washing machines are most advanced version of the washing machines & comes with many types of pre loaded features & programs. These washing machines perform equal or better than the top loader washing machines but are little expensive as compared to the top loaders. They consumer lesser water & are more energy efficient. Your clothes also get less beating in front loading washing machine & hence remain tender after washing. The front-loading machine is quite compacted in size than top-loading. Hence if you compare both type of washing machine, you will find that front loading washing machines are having more advantages. We have listed down the best front loading washing machine in India. Browse through the catalogue, find specifications, reviews & compare price from top selling websites.

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