Juicer Mixer Grinders

Juicer Mixer Grinder Price in India 2018

We are the people who loves to have home made Indian spices, sauces & chutneys in our meal everyday. This is what makes the Juicer Mixer & Grinder an essential part of modern days kitchen. From pureeing, dainty and grinding to grating and chopping ingredients, you’ll be able to do a range of tasks with these room devices. These appliances cut back manual work, permitting you to end your cookery quicker. also with the help of juicer mixer grinder you can make a large variety of food in that limited amount of time. Great, Isn’t it?

Juicer Mixer Grinder Components

We list the juicer mixer grinder from top brands such as Philips, Maharaja, Prestige, Bajaj, Panasonic & more. If you are considering to buy the best juicer mixer grinder, you are at the right place. Generally a juicer mixer grinder will have two jars – one particular moist grinding and one more for dry grinding. The moist grinding will be a big jar, primarily manufactured of steel with a properly-fitting lid. The dry grinder is the smaller sized jar, and is utilised} to grind spices and other grains into fine and coarse powders. A standard mixer runs on electrical power but few are also available in the market which are battery-operated.

As the name suggest, there are 3 components in it:


A juicer is an equipment which helps extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Before taking out the juice from fruits & vegetables, It turns them into pulp. You can use to take the juice out from vegetables, herbs and fruits like oranges, grapes and lemons etc.


A mixer is a tool that’s driven by way of gears and is utilised in cooking to combine ingredients together – typically in a semi-liquid state. Mixers helps in making purees, curries and vegetable pastes for cooking.


A grinder is used to grind materials into a powdery shape. They may be used to grind each dry and wet substances. Lentils ,spices and cereals  are the common substances which can be powdered with the help of grinder.

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